The Bellevue Festival of the Arts has come to a close.

~Thank for supporting us for 34 years, for questions email us at~

We hope to find you happy, healthy, and as always deep into your creative ways.

  • We are saddened to tell you that we will not be able to continue the Bellevue Festival of the Arts this July 2019. Development is finally coming to the former Cost Plus lot, which is in the center of our footprint and construction is slated to begin as early as March 2019. We were excited to explore other options with hopes to create a smaller show in our space or nearby, but unfortunately none of these options panned out. Without a solid space to move into at this point, we could not in good conscience try to move forward.

As we say farewell, we want to thank everyone for their contributions to the Bellevue Festival of the Arts. Thank you to the artists, the heart of our endeavor, whether you have been with us for one year or 34, we can’t thank you enough for bringing beauty and reflection into our world by creating and sharing your visions with this community. Thank you to all the patrons, volunteers, staff, musicians, food vendors, local non profit partner organizations, sponsors, hospitality donors, city and community leaders, including Jon Wilson and the Bellevue Special Event Committee. Thank you to Linda Sorensen and family, Bellevue Christian School, Angela at Paranoid PR, Mike and crew at MVP Event Management, Vicky Stafford Design, Ballard Printing and Geoffrey at Unauthorized Prints. Thank you to our neighboring festivals, Meredith Langridge and the BAM ARTSfair crew and Mike Ogliore and the Bellevue Downtown Association 6th St Fair as well as thanks to the Bellevue Police and Fire Departments, Water and Transportation Departments, and thank you to the McAusland family and McAusland Realty who have supported us from our beginning as the Rest of the Best Fest in 1984. Thank you also to Bellevue Corner Properties, Fortress Holdings, and Kemper Freeman. Thank you, Bellevue, for embracing the Bellevue Festival of the Arts, for over 3 decades we were all able to come together to share in the joy of creation and give back to the community with proceeds from the show. The connections and community made each summer will last long after this, and for that we are grateful!

Our wonderful neighboring art shows during Bellevue Arts Fair Weekend will carry on as usual and can be contacted here  Bellevue Art Museum ARTSfair and Bellevue Downtown Association 6th Street Fair. Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will keep our website, artist catalog and social media up as a way to stay connected to the community during this transition and we look forward to continuing to follow the work of the artists we have had the pleasure of working with throughout the years.  Thank you for sharing your creativity and talents with us!

Thank you for your continued support of our community partners!

Artwork by Tia Limoges

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